Buranda SS Read-a-thon is now on

Why?  To raise money for the P & C!

 Step 1.  COLLECT SPONSORS.     

 Ask family and friends to sponsor you per page or to make a donation.  Record your sponsors on the Sponsorship Form.


 Read as many pages as you can between Monday 1 April and Monday 22 April.  Record the books you read (and how many pages) on the My Completed Books Form.  Get your parent or teacher to initial each book you complete.


 Add up your grand total pages to calculate what your sponsors owe and collect your pledges.  Pay via Qkr! And return your forms (and cash if needed) to the P&C box at the school office by 3pm on Monday 29 April.


  •  Most money raised – junior and senior

  • Most pages read each grade

Sponsorship Form

Tracking Sheet

Department of Education gives green light for Buranda classroom air con

Last year the P&C executive wrote to the Education Department seeking clarification about the proposed master plan for the school so we could move forward with plans to pay for air conditioning.

The Education Minister’s senior policy advisor wrote back to the P&C, assuring us that ‘should any buildings be replaced in the future, the Department of Education would relocate or replace the air conditioning systems as part of the fit-out of the new accommodation’. You can read the full letter here.

It was on the strength of this commitment that the P&C voted to allocate $30,000 towards air conditioning the remaining classrooms at Buranda.

Mr Vaseo is currently seeking quotes and we hope to have the air con installed in the next few weeks.

Note that the P&C also voted to launch an immediate fundraising drive through Qkr! if the quotes exceed the $30,000 committed for the remaining five classrooms (with the school agreeing to fund air con for one of the Prep classrooms).

P&C survey summary

Thanks to the parents who responded to the P&C survey on fundraising plans late last year. We received 61 responses and some great ideas for projects and events, as well as useful feedback on what the P&C is doing right and things you’d like to see more (or less of) in the future.

You can read the survey summary here.

Free welcome BBQ for all school families - Friday 8 February 5.00pm

All school families are invited to our welcome BBQ next Friday. It’s free, with sausages in bread and ice blocks, plus a shared dessert table.

Vegan, gluten free and halal diets will be catered for, so please join us for a few hours of food, fun and making new connections. Find out what the P&C has planned for the year and put some faces to names.

To help with catering and to let us know about any other dietary needs it would be great if you could RSVP on our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/BurandaPandC/

Thanks from the P&C

A big thanks from the P&C to the entire school community for your support during the year.

Last Wednesday was International Volunteer Day, and we wanted to give a shout out to all their parents, and their families, who help organise events, clean up, pack up, build garden furniture, plant seedlings, clean toilets after events, make posters, sell raffle tickets, come to P&C meetings and do a myriad other things.

We really appreciate everything you do to make your child’s school a great place to learn. We realise not everyone can come to meetings, but you’re always welcome, and you can email us with feedback at any time.

An extra special thanks from me to the P&C executive, Sybille Goss, Matthew Rintoul, Nicole Rayner, Fi Cameron, and to Julie Sarkozi, for your energy, enthusiasm and wisdom. Have a wonderful, safe holiday everyone.

Sally Dillon, P&C President

Inner City South State Secondary College - Proposed catchment map

Message from Building Future Schools:

Thank you for your feedback to the Department of Education (the Department) during the community consultation period for the proposed catchment and enrolment approach for the new Inner City South State Secondary College (SSC).

Following the closure of the consultation period, the Department considered all of the feedback received on the proposed catchment map.

An analysis of the feedback identified that the following considerations were important to the local community:

  • residential streets should not be split between two catchments;

  • the established methodology of determining catchment boundaries using trafficable roads does not always account for active travel routes in urban areas; and

  • the communities of Dutton Park, Yeronga and Woolloongabba are very supportive of the school and many residents are keen to be located within the ICSSSC catchment.

In response to this feedback, the department has made amendments to the Inner City South SSC catchment including expansion to the north-east to include a section of Woolloongabba, slight expansion to the east near Stones Corner; expansion to the south-east to follow Logan Road to Denham Street, following park boundaries and main streets to the river at Yeronga; and a slight reduction of the north-west boundary to minimise street splitting as well as adopting a main road approach for the boundary. 

The final catchment boundary for Inner City South SSC can be viewed on the Building Future Schools Fund website here.

Transitional enrolment arrangements will form part of the Enrolment Management Plan, which will be finalised following the appointment of the founding Principal during early 2019.  

We sincerely appreciate the time and consideration you have given to this process and thank you for your valued feedback. We look forward to your ongoing support and contributions as we progress towards the opening of this exciting new school for the South Brisbane community in 2021.

Warm regards

The Building Future Schools program team

E: BuildingFutureSchools@qed.qld.gov.au


Thankyou for being quizzical. It was no trivial matter, grey or otherwise. Saturday night's Trivia Comp was a race to the finish. 

Champions of the night were: Wilder Trivia - with the massive score of 47

In 2nd place right on their tail was: A Fine Vintage - 46

Followed by:

TT's - the longest running school rep team in the comp

The Witches of East Brissie and a couple of blokes 

Anti Einsteins - The longest running team in the School - 39

Quizlamic State - 39

The Tropical Subtropicals - 39

Three fine teams trawling the bottom for wooden spoon honours.

A special mention goes to Quizlamic State for the Highest score in a round

Thanks to Bryn, Cath, Tracey and Danni for their Trivial efforts over the last 5 years. The baton has been passed so stay tuned for next year, but for now it's time to thank everyone for the all the fun and excitement that was Trivia 2018.

We'd like to thank everyone who helped on the evening, particularly Anthea and Tracy in the kitchen doing the amazing job they usually do, along with Charlee, Carys, Angharad and Charlie. A special nod to Eugene and Roo in particular who has been a constant throughout our Trivia nights for the last five years as well as Clytie B. our refuse queen. Thanks for the tunes fellas. 

Thanks to the P and C and anyone else who we have failed to mention. You are all important and we can't do this business without you.

Speaking of business - thankyou so much to all our sponsors and donators - especially school families. 

Travel Associates

Georgina Dunn Jewelry

Adina Watches

Creative Dance Industries

Tracy Dumpling Queen

Grow Organic Fertiliser


Trivia Sponsors.jpg

Draft Strategic Plan

This plan is meant to be read in conjunction with the DRAFT Major Projects & Budget Forecast document, which can be downloaded here

The P&C executive has been working with the school on a draft Strategic Plan to guide us for the next three years. It sets out what the key responsibilities of the P&C are, and the kinds of things we’d like to fundraise for and achieve for the school community.

It’s a draft at the moment and we’d love your feedback. Take a look and please email comments to burandapandc@gmail.com by Friday 30 November so we can discuss it at December’s P&C meeting (Wednesday 5 December, 6 for 6.15pm).

Roll out a 40km/h zone along Old Cleveland Road in Stones Corner!

Following is a message from Jonathan Sri, Councillor for the Gabba Ward:

Dear residents,

I’ll start with some good news. After pressure from my office and a range of community groups, we’ve had clear confirmation that council is going to roll out a 40km/h zone along Old Cleveland Road in Stones Corner!

This won’t completely address all the pedestrian safety issues in this area, but it’s certainly a positive step. I’m also continuing to push for a major redesign of the O’Keefe St roundabout intersection and other pedestrian safety solutions (e.g. an underpass). Council says their deadline for rolling this out is 31 March next year, but if they’re receiving strong positive feedback from residents, they’ll probably get it done sooner than that.

They’re currently focussed on the stretch between Montague St and the O’Keefe St roundabout (blue shaded area in above picture), but my strong advice has been that the 40km/h zone should be larger, taking in the pedestrian crossing on Logan Rd just north of Cowley St (a key crossing for pedestrians accessing Buranda train station and Buranda State School) as well as the pedestrian crossing on O’Keefe St to the west of Carl St (a major route for the bicentennial bikeway that also carries very high volumes of foot traffic). (Blue extdended line in above image).

In council’s recent ‘Move Safe’ online consultation, residents identified that this whole area is dangerous and inhospitable for pedestrians, and so it makes sense to have the broader precinct rezoned for 40km/h rather than just one short stretch.

To make sure this happens, I need your help. If you support a 40km/h zone for the entire area surrounding Buranda train station, the Woolloongabba busway and the Stones Corner shops on Old Cleveland Road, please send an email to: tpo_contact@brisbane.qld.gov.au CCing chair.infrastructure@brisbane.qld.gov.au.

Tell them you’re very strongly supportive of the 40km/h trial, but that you think it should take in a larger area.

Lowering speed limits in congested inner-city areas does not have a discernible impact on motorist travel times. The congestion around the O’Keefe St roundabout has a lot more to do with the intersection itself than the maximum speed limit. However, dropping the speed should help make the area safer and more comfortable for pedestrians, which will in turn encourage more people to choose walking and public transport over driving. Please send an email saying you support this!