Chief motivator and team leader. You need to be a good communicator who can inspire your team to create a vision for the P&C and support the community to achieve its goals. You chair meetings, represent the P&C in official duties, work with the school to decide P&C priorities, write weekly newsletter updates, coordinate fundraising (including reaching out to community for donations), and be great at motivating people to work as a team. You need to:

  • Be familiar with P&C rules, operations and meeting procedures.

  • Provide leadership:

    • work with the executive to set the P&C direction, build an inspiring vision, and support others to work towards a common goal

    • ensure meetings resolutions are carried out

    • follow up action items between meetings to ensure progress is made

    • support volunteers and show them they are valued

  • Chair meetings:

    • follow P&C meeting procedures

    • manage tricky situations

    • keep meetings on time

  • Act as spokesperson/representative of the P&C. Good communication skills required to:

    • attend meetings around development issues affecting the school

    • liaise with local councillors and MPs on issues affecting the school community

    • represent the P&C at public events

  • Foster good communication between the P&C, school and community:

    • write weekly newsletter updates on all P&C business to the school, communicating P&C decisions and coordinating contributions from P&C event organisers, tuckshop, uniform shop and bushcare

    • act as the conduit between parents and the school when needed, advising what issues are school issues and which can be dealt with by the P&C

    • workshop ideas with P&C executive on how to best run and market events

  • Encourage participation to ensure everyone has a say

    • work with the executive on ways to increase participation, welcome new members and ensure existing members feel valued

  • Accountable officer in all employment and OSH issues:

    • buranda P&C currently has two staff: a tuck shop convenor and a uniform shop convenor

    • work with the treasurer to ensure staff contracts are up-to-date, staff are well supported, and any staff issues are dealt with

    • be one of the signatories on P&C bank account, authorise payments as required

    • work with event organisers to ensure they understand P&C obligations and OHS requirements (including signing off on event insurance applications.


Support the President other Executive Officers if required. You need to step in to chair meetings etc when the President is unavailable. You will maintain and update the P&C website and help with P&C communications such as newsletter updates. The job includes:

  • Provide support at any of the events the P&C organises;

  • Support marketing related tasks;

  • Help create the weekly newsletter;

  • The Vice President steps into the role of the President if they are unavailable (at meetings or when representing the P&C);

  • The Vice President needs to be familiar with the operation of the P&C and should understand meeting rules and procedure; and

  • The Vice President currently also manages the Buranda SS P&C website and updates and creates new content.

Our money manager. You need a good grasp of facts and figures and a willingness to dot the i’s and cross the t’s as per the P&C accounting manual. An enthusiasm to research and implement better banking products or ways to streamline financial processes is highly desirable. Prepare financial reports for P&C meetings. Your job involves:

  • Ensure the P&C complies with the P&C Accounting Manual;

  • Prepare an annual operational plan and a budget, in consultation with the P&C executive

  • Supply financial statements/reports at each meeting;

  • Prepare the annual financial statements for the P&C, which are then audited and presented to the AGM;

  • Ensure all monies are banked in the appropriate account as soon as practical;

  • Be involved in the preparation of the school’s Budget and Annual Operational Plan where possible;

  • Pay all accounts promptly when authorised at a meeting;

  • Issue receipts for all moneys received;

  • Make sure that the secretary is given a signed copy of the financial statements presented at each meeting, to be inserted in the minutes book.

  • Maintain an accountable forms register;

  • Maintain an assets register for all items purchased by the P&C for P&C use;

  • Monitor wages and ensure all accounts are current and reconciled;

  • Ensure accounting is open and transparent; and welcome questions.


Run the back end of Qkr!, help with money management at events, and step in when the Treasurer is unavailable. The job includes:

Help the treasurer handle money at events, including:

  • Organising float;

  • Collecting and depositing money at CommBank;

  • Supporting stalls  and managing money distribution during events;

  • Managing Qkr!, including:

    • Add, update and remove menus, products and forms in qkr! as required for events and fundraising that occur throughout the year;

    • Stay abreast of updates and improvements to Qkr! and implement changes accordingly in the Buranda State School portal to enhance user experience;

    • Liaise with event and fundraising volunteers to obtain cost details for Qkr! and provide them with reports of purchases in a timely manner as required;

    • Support tuck shop and uniform shop convenors with Qkr! menu creation as required;

    • Liaise with Qkr! MasterCard or use forum to resolve technical issues and questions;

  • Help treasurer with managing accounts as per the Treasurer's position description.

Vice Treasurer


Manage P&C official correspondence. Be a good communicator who can liaise with stakeholders in formal communications. Prepare correspondence report for meetings, manage correspondence folders in the G Drive, prepare meeting agendas and follow up on meeting action items. You will need to:

  • Prepare and provide a notice to members of upcoming meetings;

  • Prepare and produce meeting agendas to members;

  • Prepare, distribute and present minutes of meetings to members;

  • Act on any directions given at meetings;

  • Maintain a register of all incoming/outgoing correspondence of the Association and distribute it appropriately and promptly;

  • Maintain a Blue card register if needed;

  • Maintain a Volunteer register at every site and activity at which volunteers are working on behalf of the P&C;

  • Organise, record and maintain P&C documents (for Buranda P&C, this happens in the P&C G drive);

  • Ensure a copy of the P&Cs constitution is available and accessible.

Take minutes at meetings, prepare and circulate draft minutes. Help the Secretary as required.

Minutes (Vice) Secretary