The P&C Association is a group of members from the school community who work together for the benefit of the school. The P&C is a forum where the school community can discuss their values, hopes and ideals for the school.

The Buranda P&C meets on the first Wednesday of the month at 6pm for 6.15pm in the school library. New members are welcome to attend meetings, and children are welcome.

Specifically, the function of the P&C is:

  • To encourage closer cooperation between the parents, other members of the community and the staff and students of the school.

  • To provide advice and recommendations to the Principal on issues and concerns relating to the student body and the general operations and management of the school.

  • To provide or help provide financial or other resources or services for the benefit of students of the school.

At Buranda State School the P&C raises funds to pay for the environmental education program, and contributes to the sport and instrumental music programs. The P&C has also funded air conditioning of the library and several classrooms.

The P&C has been advocating for the needs of the school community in discussions about local development, road safety, and future planning for catchment growth.

The P&C also operates the uniform shop and the tuck shop.

We always welcome more volunteers to help with P&C activities. Read more about how you can be involved.


Our current Executive Team:

President: Craig Unthank

Vice President: James Scriven

Minutes Secretary: Erika Loney

Correspondence Secretary: open position

Treasurer: Nicole Rayner

Vice Treasurer: Shannon Anthony

The P&C executive has been working with the school on a draft Strategic Plan to guide us for the next three years. It sets out what the key responsibilities of the P&C are, and the kinds of things we’d like to fundraise for and achieve for the school community. This plan is meant to be read in conjunction with the DRAFT Major Projects & Budget Forecast document. It can be read and downloaded here.

It’s a draft at the moment and we’d love your feedback. Take a look and please email comments to by Friday 30 November so we can discuss it at December’s P&C meeting (Wednesday 5 December, 6 for 6.15pm).

With the P&C AGM scheduled for Wednesday 13 March 2019, please consider whether you wish to stand for the P&C Executive. All positions will be vacated — that is, President, Vice President, Treasurer, Vice Treasurer, Secretary and Minutes (Vice) Secretary. 

We are sure you will agree that 2019 signals an exciting time for Buranda State School, and you are encouraged to consider running for these important roles.  If you have any questions, please chat to an executive member or email us.

What We've Achieved

  • The P&C pays for the school's Environmental Education programme by raising funds to pay for a teacher's salary and buying gardening equipment and supplies.

  • In 2018 we paid for air-conditioning to be installed in the library and D-block classrooms.

  • We have committed to share the cost of air conditioning the Prep classrooms with the school.

  • Each year the P&C contributes $1500 to the school's Instrumental Music program.

  • Each year we contribute $1000 to the school's sporting equipment processes.

  • We have introduced the Qkr! payment app to make it easier for P&C volunteers to do their jobs and to increase transparency in cash handling.

  • In 2017 the P&C bought two sets of outdoor aluminium tables and seating for classroom breakout areas.

  • The P&C collaborates with other stakeholders to lobby for school students' safety to be considered in local development applications.

  • We successfully lobbied for the school pool to be covered and heated by the State Government.

  • We have worked with Buranda Admin to develop a Traffic Management Plan for the school.