Uniform News — can you help?

We’ve had some questions about the decision not to stock the ‘winter’ shirt. Basically, the company that produced the heavier, poly cotton shirt (note it wasn’t 100% cotton) scored very badly on the ethical fashion report and is no longer an EQ approved supplier. Our new supplier can provide a similar option, a cotton-lined polyester shirt.

However, it’s not 100% cotton, which is what some families are looking for, and it seems to be only the younger grades that buy this shirt (we have a massive oversupply of ‘winter’ shirts in size 10).

We’d like your feedback on whether you’re only interested if it’s a cotton shirt, or if you really want the heavier shirt so we can consider our options. Please give us an idea of sizes and how many you’re likely to buy.

The new shorts are also having a mixed reception. Some kids love them (especially the extra zip pocket) but some don’t. Our problem again is that we had to change supplier and our current supplier only offers these drill shorts or a mesh style.

Our uniform shop coordinator can’t make calls during office hours. So, if you want to volunteer to call all the EQ approved suppliers to see if one of them can supply a style similar to the old ones (at the right price), please contact us at burandapandc@gmail.com. We’ll give you our guidelines.

Otherwise, you can always buy other styles of maroon shorts from chain stores.