Thanks from the P&C

A big thanks from the P&C to the entire school community for your support during the year.

Last Wednesday was International Volunteer Day, and we wanted to give a shout out to all their parents, and their families, who help organise events, clean up, pack up, build garden furniture, plant seedlings, clean toilets after events, make posters, sell raffle tickets, come to P&C meetings and do a myriad other things.

We really appreciate everything you do to make your child’s school a great place to learn. We realise not everyone can come to meetings, but you’re always welcome, and you can email us with feedback at any time.

An extra special thanks from me to the P&C executive, Sybille Goss, Matthew Rintoul, Nicole Rayner, Fi Cameron, and to Julie Sarkozi, for your energy, enthusiasm and wisdom. Have a wonderful, safe holiday everyone.

Sally Dillon, P&C President