Thankyou for being quizzical. It was no trivial matter, grey or otherwise. Saturday night's Trivia Comp was a race to the finish. 

Champions of the night were: Wilder Trivia - with the massive score of 47

In 2nd place right on their tail was: A Fine Vintage - 46

Followed by:

TT's - the longest running school rep team in the comp

The Witches of East Brissie and a couple of blokes 

Anti Einsteins - The longest running team in the School - 39

Quizlamic State - 39

The Tropical Subtropicals - 39

Three fine teams trawling the bottom for wooden spoon honours.

A special mention goes to Quizlamic State for the Highest score in a round

Thanks to Bryn, Cath, Tracey and Danni for their Trivial efforts over the last 5 years. The baton has been passed so stay tuned for next year, but for now it's time to thank everyone for the all the fun and excitement that was Trivia 2018.

We'd like to thank everyone who helped on the evening, particularly Anthea and Tracy in the kitchen doing the amazing job they usually do, along with Charlee, Carys, Angharad and Charlie. A special nod to Eugene and Roo in particular who has been a constant throughout our Trivia nights for the last five years as well as Clytie B. our refuse queen. Thanks for the tunes fellas. 

Thanks to the P and C and anyone else who we have failed to mention. You are all important and we can't do this business without you.

Speaking of business - thankyou so much to all our sponsors and donators - especially school families. 

Travel Associates

Georgina Dunn Jewelry

Adina Watches

Creative Dance Industries

Tracy Dumpling Queen

Grow Organic Fertiliser


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