Prep B

Centenary memorabilia/activities and water stations.

We'll have a stand selling centenary tumblers, water bottles and other memorabilia, alongside the Memory Lane marquee, where former students and staff can visit to reminisce, record their memories and look at old photos. A great opportunity to find out from old hands all the wonderful things about Buranda SS.

One of our centenary souvenirs is an engraved water bottle. We'll be selling these, and giving away free plastic reusable bottles, at our two filtered-water filling stations. Prep B parents will also help give away and sell the bottles and set up the filling stations.

Coordinator: Helen Bright (Prep B teacher)


Parisian Cake Stall

Indulge in all things French at the Parisian Cake Stall. A winner at last year's fete, the stall will feature delicious baked goodies donated by school families. Prep W doesn't have to provide all the food: any one is welcome to bake! We would love it if Prep W families could staff the stall and help pack the food beforehand.

Coordinator: Erika Loney (Charlie's mum) 0479 058 056

Prep W


Vietnamese Delights

Our newest food stall, brimming with Vietnamese treats. The menu is yet to be confirmed, but is likely to include mouth watering Bahn Mee and fresh spring rolls. The school's Vietnamese community would love to welcome Class 1/2A families to help with the preparation and especially the serving of the food. 

Coordinator: Tramy Ngo (Ruby's mum) 0426 954 150



Creator space

A space for children to create fantastic crafts. Last year it was a joyful mess of slime, keyrings and badge making. What will it be this year?

Put your name down for a shift of supervising the craft activities.

Coordinator: Daina Adams (Ursula, Willa & Feliks' mum) 0432 995 822

1/2 CO




SideShow alley

So much fun we need two classes to run it! We'll be following last year's winning formula of lucky dip, chocolate toss, lucky wheel and the hugely popular Go Fish fishing game.

Coordinator: Annette Gillespie (Estelle's mum) 0403 851 473

3K & 2/3RT


Old Fashioned Sweets

Remember toffees, chocolate fudge and coconut ice at your school fetes? This stall is brimming with old fashioned treats. Toffee apples, rocky road, marshmallows. Anyone from the school can help bake the old fashioned sweets, but we need 4O to help set up, pack down and staff the stall on the day.

Coordinator: Debra Venables (Maggie & Theo's mum) 0409-342 119




Plants & Preserves

A hugely popular stall, brimming with potted plants and beautifully presented jams and preserves.

Donations of jam and plants come from all school families, but we do need 3/4C to help make the plants and jams look awesome — think plants in paper bags, tied with string, and pretty covers for the jars of jam. Your class might want to work on getting the children to help plant out some herbs or maybe they could make some grass heads. Get creative!

Coordinator: Julie Goldsmith (Finn, Jonah & Arlo's mum) 0406-332 656 and Monica Chapman (Rex & Hugo's mum)



Crazy Hair & Face Painting

This is a chance for the kids to let their hair down, with crazy coloured hair spray and funky face painting. If you're a dab hand with a paint sponge put your name down on the roster for a painting shift. If you have two left thumbs offer to pick up the spray can. 

Coordinator: Shannon Anthony (Michael & John's mum) 0402 066 966


BBQ & Drinks

One of the busiest stalls at the fete, the BBQ pumps out sausages, veggie patties and the like, and provides drinks to the masses.  We'll need 5/6BA parents to help prep food, set up, and cook and serve on the day.

Coordinator: Alwyn Fung (Charlie, Darcy, Rocco's Dad) 0426-828 810 (text only),

5/6 L


Coffee CArt

Extra baristas/cafe hands required to take order and heat milk.

Coordinator: Contact the P&C at to volunteer to help on the stall



Please return all raffle tickets by Friday 7 September, sold or unsold.

Coordinator: Michelle Manning 0434-979 430